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Which Miami Beach Island is the Best to Live in?

July 13, 2016

Miami Beach Islands

With its sandy beach and modern high-rises, Miami Beach evokes glamour, style, and luxury. The South Florida city has been a popular beach resort since the early 20th century, and, today attracts tourists from around the world who flock here for the stunning natural scenery, around-the-clock nightlife and some of the best restaurants and shops in the “Sunshine State.” But which Miami Beach island is best to live in? Read this to find out!

Hibiscus Island

Surrounded the crystalline waters of Biscayne Bay, and a stone’s throw from some of the best restaurants, bars and clubs in Miami, Hibiscus Island is a South Beach neighborhood that packs an almighty punch. This 70-acre manmade island boasts exclusive upscale villas and sprawling estates, making if the perfect place to relocate if you crave a luxurious, glamorous lifestyle. The island is centrally located and connected to neighboring Palm Island via a bridge road. Here you’ll find some of the best properties anywhere in South Beach, including million-dollar condos fit for A-list superstars. Properties overlook the bay, providing you with unparalleled views of Miami’s coastline, and come with landscaped gardens and loads of mod cons. There’s a heap of different property styles to choose from, too, including large family homes with outdoor patios and private garages. With a population of just under 300 people, according to 2010 Census figures, Hibiscus has a small town feel in the beating heart of “Magic City.” Some of the world’s most famous celebrities have owned homes on this picturesque isle, including Al Capone.

Fisher Island

Fisher Island in Miami Beach, FL

Overlooking Miami Beach’s impressive coastline, which includes palm trees and high-rise apartment complexes, Fisher Island has long been one of the most sought-after communities in South Florida. The island is just three miles from the mainland, making it ideal if you want a private, idyllic getaway but still want to be close to the hustle and bustle of the big city. Fisher Island has no road that connects to the shoreline or neighboring islands and is only accessible by private boat and ferry, which adds to its allure and glamour. On the island, you’ll find a range of architectural styles, as well as apartments and family homes. Although the island is relatively small — less than 200 people currently live here —there’s plenty to see, do and experience, including awe-inspiring coastal panoramas that will take your breath away. With hundreds of days of sunshine every year, Fisher Island is the ultimate haven for couples, families, and individuals who want to soak up the sun and experience a South Florida lifestyle. The island was once home to the Vanderbilt family, and several millionaires have properties here, making it one of the most exclusive neighborhoods anywhere in the “Sunshine State.”

Star Island

Star Island in Miami Beach, FL

Perhaps the most famous of all the Miami islands, Star Island is synonymous with superstar style and glamorous lifestyles. The island has featured in the pages of glossy fashion mags and in big-budget Hollywood movies, and has become an enduring icon of “Magic City.” Located in Biscayne Bay, famous for its water sports and yachts, Star Island boasts more celebrity residents per square mile than anywhere else outside Hollywood. Despite having a population of less than 100, the island has three schools and is centrally located. You can travel to downtown Miami Beach or nearby islands via the MacArthur Causeway. On the island, you’ll find luxurious homes that are fitted with all the latest mod cons, including contemporary kitchens, large landscaped gardens, security systems, swimming pools, hot tubs and private garages. Homes have been constructed to the highest possible standards, providing you with more bang for your buck. Like Fisher Island and Hibiscus Island, Star Island is known for its stunning bayside views and relaxed pace of life. However, if you desire world-class restaurants and a bustling night scene, you only have to make the short trip to South Beach. Buying a property on Star Island really gives you the best of both worlds.

Sunset Islands

Unlike Fisher, Hibiscus and Star islands, Sunset Island actually comprises of four different land masses: Sunset Island I, Sunset Island II, Sunset Island III and Sunset Island IV. Here you’ll homes that are popular with world-famous celebrities, as well as sprawling villas and mansions with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. The four islands are known for their views of South Beach — you can see the city’s skyline on the horizon — as well as bayside vistas that make this community the top choice for residents who want both a relaxed pace of life and speedy access to some of the best cultural attractions in South Florida. All the islands overlook Sunset Lake, providing you with majestic vistas. Many boaters dock their vessels here, too.

Palm Island

Palm Island in Miami Beach, FL

Palm Island stretches for 82 acres, comprising fountains and palm trees. With a population of 329, the island is a highly sought-after property hotspot, with large villas and luxurious homes. Located in South Beach in Miami Beach, the man-made island is south of Hibiscus island and can be accessed by land if you drive via the MacArthur Causeway. Close to the vibrant restaurants and boutique shops in South Beach, the island is known for its year-round sunny climate and prime position in Biscayne Bay. Here you’ll find a wealth of apartments and family homes with security systems, private gardens, swimming pools, BBQ areas, garages, modern kitchens, spacious rooms and much more.

Venetian Islands

Venetian Islands in Miami Beach, FL

The Venetian Islands are several man-made islands that are connected to the Miami mainland by a bridge. The islands include Biscayne Island, San Marco Island, San Marino Island, Di Lido Island, Rivo Alto Island and Belle Isle, all of which belong to either Miami or Miami Beach. The area is known for its million-dollar mansions which come with some of the best views anywhere in South Florida. That’s not all. The homes are secluded, providing you with privacy, and equipped with the latest amenities. As the Venetian Islands are a popular area to relocate to, you could generate a huge return on your investment when you purchase property here.

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