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The Types Of Luxury Properties In Miami Beach

February 14, 2017

If you’re going to take the plunge and invest in luxury properties in Miami Beach, you need to know the types of luxury properties in Miami Beach. Despite its reputation for art deco, Miami Beach and the surrounding islands are home to a vast diversity of properties. If you’re scared of heights, you’ll probably want a house instead of a condo. If you prefer a classic beach vibe, art deco might be your best bet. Brush up on the different types of luxury properties in Miami Beach to ensure you get the home that meets all of your needs and matches your unique personality and taste.

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When you purchase a condo, you’re purchasing one unit in a building of similar units. You own the particular unit but share the common spaces (pool, spa, fitness centers, lobby, etc.) with other tenants in the same building. A condo is similar to an apartment, as it usually has no yard. In many cities, buying a condo is a great option for people who don’t need a lot of space. However, it is easy to find luxury condos in Miami Beach with impressive square footage, some spanning over 13,000 square feet. Some prime examples include 4779 Collins Ave. #2605 and 100 S. Pointe Drive #2207; these define what it means to enjoy the finest in luxury Miami Beach condo living.


A penthouse is a condo on steroids. It is the loftiest, biggest, and most luxurious unit in a condominium or apartment building. A penthouse is usually located on the top floor of a condominium building, though many buildings offer penthouses on the penultimate level as well. Most have a private elevator and the best views in the entire building. Penthouses usually have larger, more open floor plans and more modern amenities compared to smaller units in the same building. A penthouse is a luxurious upgrade from the average condominium (although it’s hard to call many luxury condos in Miami Beach average) Penthouse B at 520 West Ave. is a great example. Notice the unprecedented privacy, security, and style.


The main thing you need to know about a loft is there isn’t much to it. Lofts typically have large, open spaces with few walls or dividers. They usually have very high ceilings, expansive windows, and hardwood or cement floors. Sometimes they have walls made of brick or plaster, and can sometimes have an unfinished look. Luxury lofts in South Beach and other Miami-area neighborhoods are popular because they offer a distinct charm and personality that is sometimes hard to find in modern condos and apartments.

Art deco

Art deco homes usually attract buyers who are interested in the architectural history of Miami Beach and prefer charm and coziness over the extravagance of the amenities. Characteristics of art deco buildings include clean lines, geometric shapes, rounded corners, use of pillars, and highly stylized doorways. The Art Deco movement of the 20s and 30s focused more on the beauty and design of the home instead of strict guidelines for floor plans, so it easy to find art deco style homes in a variety of layouts, although a common theme is semi-open living areas.


Townhomes are individual houses placed side by side, where one or two walls of each home are shared by the unit next door. Generally, townhomes have bedrooms on one floor and living spaces on the other, but that is not always the case. Like condos, you usually find them in urban areas where space is limited. But unlike condos, townhomes usually have a small yard, either in the front or back.

While shopping for luxury properties in Miami Beach, it can seem overwhelming at first. There are many questions to ask and options to consider, but knowing the real estate lingo and being able to understand and communicate what kind of luxury property you’re looking for is a great first step.

For more information on luxury properties in Miami Beach, please contact one of our luxury real estate specialists at ARIALuxeRealty.com or feel free to contact us at +1-305-791-0002.

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