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Three Things You Might Not Know About Waterfront Homes In Miami

December 13, 2016

Waterfront homes in Miami are often multi-million-dollar estates, populated by those with the means to live in the most comfortable and stylish real estate in Miami. While that’s true, the reality is that Miami has waterfront homes at a variety of price points that can accommodate many families looking to enjoy the city and the water.
Three things you might not know about waterfront homes in Miami are that they are available at affordable price points, they have multiple docking options, and they offer a wide variety of waterfront settings. These three areas are important to consider when looking at purchasing a home, and they mean that new home buyers will be able to customize their experience for exactly the right fit.

Aria Luxe Miami Waterfront Homes

1. Affordable Price Point

Waterfront homes in Miami are known for their size and luxury. There are dozens of listed waterfront homes priced well into the tens of millions. But those in the market for a single-family home can also find options starting around $1 million, and the vast majority are under $15 million. This price point allows families to enjoy all that Miami waterfront homes have to offer from private docks and water frontage to a backyard pool and enough bedrooms for the whole family.

There are several new listings in the $20 million range in neighborhoods such as Star Island, Palm Island and Bal Harbour, and in a diverse range of architectural styles, from Mediterranean revival to glass-and-steel modern.

Aria Luxe Miami Beach Boat Docks

2. Docking Options

There are several docking options available among the Miami waterfront homes on the market. The most popular dock is the private dock, located along the waterway within the water frontage that comes with the home. Many of these docks include a boatlift as well as a maintained dock. Another private dock option is docking at the seawall. This option usually has ties to connect the boat to land, and is connected directly to the sea wall.

A third docking option is purchasing a slip at a nearby marina. This may be a good option for those homes along a lake or oceanfront, as most don’t have a private dock available. Lastly, boat owners may want to look into a shared dock, which could be shared with a neighbor or may be offered within a gated community.

Miami Beach Waterfront Homes

3. Waterfront Options

In addition to docking options there are also several waterfront options when looking into purchasing waterfront homes. Waterfront can mean a waterfront view or waterfront access. A great example of this is the ocean. Both ocean views and ocean access are available with Miami waterfront homes. It’s important to decide which elements a potential buyer is looking for because the type of waterfront can dictate price and square footage.

In the Miami Beach area, most waterfront estates are bayfront properties because most of the homes line the island peripheries in Biscayne Bay. That includes all real estate in Venetian Islands; Palm Island, Star Island, and Hibiscus Island; Sunset Islands and others.
In areas such as Coral Gables, most popular water frontages are along the city’s many canals, which is great for launching or storing boats. Luxury homes with this type of water frontage are often available from seven-figure prices.

For more information on waterfront homes in Miami Beach and Miami, please contact one of our luxury real estate specialists at ARIALuxeRealty.com or feel free to contact us at +1-305-791-0002.

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