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You Can’t Drive To Fisher Island: Inside Miami’s Most Secluded Neighborhood

October 31, 2016

Fisher Island Offers An Oasis Of Luxury Living

Located at the southern tip of Miami Beach, lined with palm trees and set up against the Miami skyline, Fisher Island is home to multi-million dollar condos, pristine beaches, high-end shops, world-class restaurants and VIP-style living.



Exclusivity Offered At Fisher Island Condos For Sale

One of the things that makes Fisher Island so exclusive is that there is no way to drive there from the mainland. The only access is by helicopter or ferry, in which you have to be invited. This adds to the prestigious feel of the island, and gives residents unrivaled security and privacy. Residents of Fisher Island range from corporate executives and celebrities, to real estate moguls, successful entrepreneurs and fashion designers. We wrote this article to help explain why so many people—people who could live anywhere they want—choose to be part of the Fisher Island community.


World Class Offerings For Fisher Island Residents

Fisher Island is home to multiple businesses including a bank, its own post office, dry cleaner, gourmet market, bakery, salon, world-class spa and boutique, plus its own fire department. The island has lounges, an aviary, an observatory, two marinas, a beach club, a golf course and world-class tennis courts. Sidewalks run through the island for residents who want to walk, jog or bike around the area.


Many residents are members of the Fisher Island Club, an exclusive club that grants members access to a private beach club, the Vanderbilt Mansion pool, exclusive club member events, golf, casual and fine dining, marinas, a spa and wellness center, championship style golf courses and more. Being a member gives residents a chance to take advantage of everything the island has to offer.


Living on Fisher Island comes with a status and reputation that many people in Miami and around the world strive for. Gorgeous, waterfront condos with spiraling staircases, chef-inspired kitchens. Some homes with over 7,000 square feet of living space can be found on the island in the $10 million to $13 million range.


Fisher Island Living

Condo living is very popular on Fisher Island, as many residents are looking for high-end accommodations that are low-maintenance and private. Condos like 7061 Fisher Island Drive give residents ultra-modern living spaces, combined with access to five star amenities, such as community swimming pools, beach access, gym, a children’s area, screening area and an all-inclusive aperitivo bar. For more room, more luxury and more amenities, you can find homes like 7002 Fisher Island Drive, a sprawling 9,715 square foot mansion with seven bedrooms, two-level terraces, a rooftop pool, summer kitchen, panoramic views of the ocean, industrial-style kitchen and seven unbelievable bathrooms for the pretty price of $38 million.


Living here is for those who work hard and play harder, and want to live somewhere that suggests discerning taste and world-class luxury. Because of the elite status of Fisher Island, is it no surprise that celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Boris Becker and Mel Brooks have all called Fisher Island home at one point or another.


Fisher Island has a long and interesting history. It was in 1916 that Carl Fisher bought Fisher Island, and quickly quadrupled the landmass with a plan to develop real estate. In a historic trade, Fisher swapped seven acres of Fisher Island for a yacht from William K. Vanderbilt in a trade dubbed “My Island for your boat.” Vanderbilt took those seven acres and began building his $1.5 million private estate, complete with lush landscaping, guest homes, tennis courts, swimming pools and other luxurious amenities. Vanderbilt died in 1941, and following his death the island was bought and sold numerous times until 1979, when it stood vacant for almost 15 years.


Fisher Island: A Place to Call Home

In the 1980s, development began again and opened as a country club in 1987. Today, Fisher Island represents one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, and offers both recreational and residential facilities that can’t be found anywhere else.

Fisher Island is for those around the world who are seeking a private, luxurious and exclusive place in America’s tropical playground to call home. This island is rich in history, yet caters to the modern family, and can easily be one of the most desirable places to live in the country. If you’re lucky enough to call Fisher Island your home, you’re lucky enough.


For more information on real estate opportunities on Fisher Island, please contact one of our luxury real estate specialists at ARIALuxeRealty.com or feel free to contact us at +1 305-791-0002.

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