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Miami Beach Waterfront Estates Vs. Miami Beach Penthouses: Which Do You Choose?

December 16, 2016

Real estate properties in Miami Beach come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller single-massive penthouses to resort-like waterfront estates. Choosing one over the other — waterfront estate or Miami Beach penthouse — depends upon what you’re looking to get out of your home.

At about the same price point, $25-30 million, a waterfront estate can be comparable in value to a penthouse, showcasing the market similarities despite the differences between them. While one option may offer more square footage, the other may offer a more ideal location, depending on your preferences. What goes without saying is that each kind of Miami Beach property provides an opportunity to live a unique and luxurious lifestyle unlike anywhere in the world.

Miami Beach Waterfront Estates


To compare, let’s take a closer look at two examples. First, a Miami Beach waterfront estate. Priced at $30.5 million, this waterfront estate on North Bay Road is located right on the water in Miami Beach. The home itself is a new construction and includes 15,000 square feet, with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

A major highlight of the home is its wide bay views from most of the rooms, as well as its modern, open layout. Each room has a sophistication and elegance that elevates the home and outdoor space. Several rooms have telescopic sliding-glass walls that merge the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

There are actually two stories of outdoor space, with the first floor including a small pool and large dock. It also has a lawn, both with landscaping and a grassy lounging space. On the second story there’s a large patio space with a bar and plenty of square footage for entertaining.

The benefits of living in a waterfront estate over a penthouse are the first floor access and the direct waterfront access in addition to more square footage and living space. In this case, there’s a slightly higher price point compared with some penthouses. But for those who own a boat or love living right on the water, a Miami Beach waterfront estate may be the right choice.

Miami Beach Penthouses


At $25 million this Miami Beach penthouse on Collins Avenue is smaller than the waterfront estate, and that’s reflected in the discounted asking price. The penthouse encompasses two floors — 17 and 18 — with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and 7,945 square feet of living space. Highlights of this home include floor-to-ceiling windows, a floating staircase, glass elevator and even a six-car garage.

This Miami Beach waterfront penthouse has a modern and edgy look that evokes the locale, and the large windows bring an ocean view into each room. As far as outdoor living space, this unit has a rooftop terrace with a pergola adding shade and luxury. There is also a patio for lounging near the infinity-edge pool. With lush landscaping, the top of the building is truly a private park for the penthouse resident.
And that’s one of the benefits of living in a penthouse over a waterfront estate: the personal high-rise vista you can’t get anywhere else. The privacy is comparable to a single-family estate because of the secured elevator access and private garage. But of course, there are tradeoffs: Water access isn’t a backyard away, for example.

Both the waterfront estate and the Miami Beach penthouse have plenty to offer both in beach experience and modern home living. Both options have abundant square footage and adequate outdoor space. This particular penthouse is a bit smaller for a similar price point, but has the added benefit of a more central location — Collins Avenue — compared to a waterfront estate.
No matter which option you choose, both have magnificent views, vast open living spaces and a standard of living that’s the envy of the world. For more information Miami Beach real estate, please contact one of our luxury real estate specialists at ARIALuxeRealty.com or feel free to contact us at +1-305-791-0002.

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