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Meet the Architecture Firms Behind Miami Beach’s Most Sought After Homes

August 22, 2017

Meet the Architecture Firms Behind The Most Sought After Homes in Miami Beach

With all of the stunning real estate in Miami Beach, it can be easy to forget there are teams of people who design, plan, and build these incredible buildings from the ground up. These are the creative minds that shape the visual character of the most glamorous city in America. The architects at firms like DOMO Architecture, Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture, and Strang Architecture are the very reasons we have the impressive luxury waterfront real estate that Miami Beach is so famous for.



DOMO ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN is responsible for the beauty that is 4395 Pine Tree Dr., a stunning eight-bedroom, waterfront pool home that offers over 9,000 square feet of unequaled living space. This Miami Beach mansion has perfected the concept of indoor/outdoor living, featuring smooth and sleek doors that slide away to allow the exquisite interiors to blend effortlessly into the outdoor living spaces. This custom-built smart home has a VIP guest suite, state-of-the-art fitness center, 1,600-square-foot pool surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, and an impressive stone entrance. This unbelievable home offers the privacy and space of a private estate with the unbelievable amenities of a resort. In true Domo Architecture style, every inch of this palatial estate is designed with luxury, comfort and ultimate luxury in mind.

The Domo Architecture and Design Team has been featured in major publications like Architectural Digest and Modern Luxury Interiors South Florida. With a team of passionate, inspiring and forward-thinking architects, this firm has earned its reputation as one of the most innovative and creative architecture firms in Miami Beach.


Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture and Design – Miami Beach

Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture and Design is known as a leader in South Florida’s tropical modern architecture, and its masterpieces can be found in some of Miami’s most affluent areas, such as North Bay Road and the Venetian Islands. They have extensive experience designing residential and commercial buildings, putting an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living and the use of warm, natural elements like wood, natural stone and water features. The dynamic trio that is behind Choeff Levy Fischman bring a wide array of experiences and expertise to the table when it comes to architectural greatness.

Choeff has designed numerous hotels including Mondrian South Beach and Kimpton Angler’s Hotel, along with shopping centers, housing developments, and business/commercial structures. Ralph Levy is an expert in luxury residential properties, and Paul Fischman’s background is in high-rise architecture, including working for Arquitectonica, one of the most prestigious firms in the industry. Choeff Levy Fischman is passionate about educating and inspiring the next generation of architects, which is why they employ college interns and have hosted the AIA Miami Young Architect’s Forum in their office last year. This exceptional team is dedicated to exceeding client’s expectations and pushing the limits on architecture and interior design elements.


Strang Architecture – Miami Beach

This Miami-based architectural firm was founded by Max Strang in 1998 and has earned multiple awards for its contribution to the Miami skyline. Along with exquisite architecture, Strang Architecture’s services include interior, landscape, aquatic, and lighting design for residential properties, from boutique hotels to condos.

Strang Architecture has won numerous awards for its innovative design elements, and featured in major publications like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. With a focus on turnkey design services, Strang Architecture is used by the who’s who in Miami for state-of-the-art design for both the interior and exterior of Miami’s most luxurious properties. From exquisite projects in North Bay and Biscayne Bay, Miami is a bit more beautiful thanks to the genius creations of Strang Architecture.


Miami Beach wouldn’t be the sexy, luxurious, stylish, and exciting place that is without the hard work of some of the world’s most talented architects. People flock to Miami Beach to own luxury real estate that they can’t find anywhere else, and thanks to these three firms, Miami Beach will continue to be one of the hottest spots for modern architecture and design in the country.

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