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5 Things To Look For While Shopping For Luxury Penthouses In Miami

April 17, 2017

When it’s time to move up in the world (literally), a luxury penthouse in Miami is an excellent option for luxury, space, and convenience. A penthouse puts you high above the noise and traffic of the city while giving you panoramic views and the ultimate in high-end design, amenities, and furnishings. But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you’ve asked these five questions to ensure you’re buying the penthouse that checks all of the boxes and will be a peaceful and comfortable place to call home.

How private are Luxury Penthouses?

Most people who are looking for a penthouse are after a certain level of intimacy and privacy. They want to enjoy every square foot of their home without worrying about neighbors or feeling confined. Penthouses are set apart from the other units in the building, and most have private access elevators. High profile celebrities often buy penthouses simply because nobody else has close access to their home, and they can rest assured that the only people coming to their door are those who have been specifically invited. If privacy is a big deal to you, make sure the particular penthouse you want is set up in a way to offer the peace and seclusion that you’re looking for.

Can it be customized?

One of the perks of penthouse living is the opportunity to customize the space in a way typical units can’t. Many luxury Miami penthouses have expansive outdoor entertaining spaces, and many owners like to add their own touches to this space to make it truly their own. A wood-fired oven out on the pool deck perhaps, or an expanded closet space just for your shoes? If tweaking your penthouse to fit your particular style is important, make sure to ask what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to upgrades, additions, and installations. If the building isn’t restricted by local codes, there is also the opportunity to add more space to your penthouse by building upwards.

What other fees should you be aware of?

Like most big real estate purchases, the cost of the property is not all you pay. There are other fees that come along with the buying process, and buying a penthouse is no different. A $5 million dollar penthouse could cost you around $65,000 in property taxes, and there are condo association fees to be aware of, as well. For some buyers looking for a luxury penthouse in Miami, money is not an issue, and the fees are secondary to having a lavish penthouse overlooking the water to call home. For those who do have a specific budget in mind, asking questions about exactly how much you’re expected to pay can play a major role in deciding which penthouse is right for you.

What can you see?

The whole point of a penthouse is to experience the privilege and exclusivity that comes with such luxury living and to live in a space where the views take your breath away. In Miami, penthouses like 800 S Pointe Drive  # PH-220 provide unobstructed views of the skyline and the water and deliver the perfect backdrop for a high-energy pool party, romantic candle-lit dinner or casual drinks on the rooftop with friends. If you’ve always dreamed about watching the sunset from your private infinity edge pool on the balcony of your luxury penthouse, make sure the views are what you expect before you sign the contract. Visit the home during the evening to get a better idea about what exactly you can and can’t see from every room in the house. The penthouse is all about having a spectacular view, so make sure you ask about the view, and see it for yourself, before making a commitment.

What extra maintenance issues come with living in a penthouse?

Living way up high means you are more likely to see the results of extreme weather, such as wind and rain. Penthouses see their fair share of leaks, and that million-dollar outdoor entertainment space you’ve created will get battered by wind, rain and sun damage. Many rooftop terraces have a wide variety of greenery and plant life, all of which need to be taken care of in a specific way to ensure the beauty and growth of the landscaping. When the condo’s roof needs to be fixed, updated or worked on, chances are the workers will have to walk through some of the penthouse’s personal space in order to access the roof. Aria Luxe can recommend top management companies in Miami to help you keep your penthouse looking brand new all the time.

A penthouse is a luxury that many people only dream of, and for those who can make it a reality, it is a luxury that serves as a true status symbol. The peace, privacy, security, and that “sense of arrival” that comes from riding the elevator to the very top floor is something many Miami locals work so hard for. A luxury Miami penthouse is a way to experience Miami in a completely unique way, and after asking these five questions, you should be on your way to true VIP living in your luxury Miami penthouse.

For more information on luxury penthouses in Miami for sale, please contact one of our luxury real estate specialists at ARIALuxeRealty.com or feel free to contact us at +1-305-791-0002.

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